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Das fsk Kino ist ein unab­hän­gi­ges Filmkunstkino in Berlin Kreuzberg … wei­ter­le­sen

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A dead­pan, hal­lu­ci­n­a­to­ry romp through post-Soviet Russia.
Petrov’s Flu
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A film about fri­end­ship and respon­si­bi­li­ty by Lukas Dhont (Girl):
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Freddie, a young French woman born of South Korean par­ents revi­sits Seoul:
Return to Seoul
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Anarchy in a Swiss watch fac­to­ry: Unruh
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Passagiere der Nacht

Charlotte Gainsbourg in Michael Hers’s Passagiere der Nacht
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Turkish Pop music in Germany: Liebe, D‑Mark und Tod
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