fsk KinoThe fsk cine­ma is an inde­pen­dent Art­house-Film-Thea­t­re in Ber­lin Kreuz­berg …



→ this weeks* films:

  • Noah Baumbach’s (Fran­ces Ha) new film with Adam Dri­ver und Scar­lett Johans­son.  Mar­ria­ge Sto­ry

  • Havel­land Fon­ta­ne is the forth and final part of Bern­hard Sallmann’s series about Theo­dor Fon­ta­nes tra­vel reports.

  • The way Euro­pe tre­ats „the for­eign”: Ange­lo

  • Corin­na Har­fouch and Tom Schil­ling in the new film by „Oh Boy” direc­tor Jan-Ole Gers­ter: Lara

* week means Thurs­day to Wed­nes­day.

Neu­es­ter Film­bei­trag:

Una Pri­ma­ve­ra
A film by Valen­ti­na Pri­ma­ve­ra. Starts Janu­a­ry 2nd at the fsk. In Ita­li­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les. [Credits] [Ter­mi­ne] [Trai­ler] A wife wants a divorce; her daugh­ter picks up her came­ra. Hope…