In many imperfect ways: Nina

A film by Olga Chaj­das. In Polish with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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After twen­ty years, Nina’s mar­ria­ge to Woj­tek is going nowhe­re, part­ly becau­se of their fai­led attempts to have child­ren. When they meet a young woman, Mag­da, they deci­de to pro­po­se that she beco­me a sur­ro­ga­te mother for their child. But things get more com­pli­ca­ted when Nina sud­den­ly feels attrac­ted to Mag­da.

This accom­plis­hed debut paints a sen­si­ti­ve por­trait of a strong yet con­fu­sed woman trap­ped in her role as wife and daugh­ter. The ener­ge­tic, appar­ent­ly care­free Mag­da breaks open her world. The came­ra stays clo­se to the three prot­ago­nists, almost without the use of estab­li­shing shots, crea­ting a sen­so­ri­al, high­ly vibra­ting atmo­s­phe­re. But the­re is one loca­ti­on that plays a cru­cial role: Nata­lia Bażowska’s art­work Birth Place, which repres­ents a womb you can lie in and ser­ves for the cha­rac­ters as their only shel­ter, whe­re their love, free­dom and iden­ti­ties are not bound by any con­ven­ti­ons.



PL 2018, 129 Min., poln. OmU,
Regie: Olga Chaj­das,
mit: Julia Kijow­s­ka, Eli­za Rycem­bel


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Nina from Edi­ti­on Salz­ge­ber on Vimeo.