Verbrannte Erde – mit Gast

A film by Thomas Arslan. In German with English subtitles.

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Following In the Shadows, the film Scorched Earth is the second part of Thomas Arslan’s Trojan tri­lo­gy. Twelve years after care­er cri­mi­nal Trojan was forced to flee Berlin, the search for con­tracts leads him back to the city. Trojan is bro­ke and urgen­tly needs a new job. But Berlin has chan­ged and his old cont­acts are no lon­ger of much use. Plus, Trojan’s maxim of only ever working for cash is hard to fol­low in an incre­asing­ly digi­ta­li­sed world. So it takes some time befo­re the midd­le­wo­man Rebecca final­ly offers him the pro­s­pect of a lucra­ti­ve con­tract: a pain­ting by Caspar David Friedrich is to be sto­len from a muse­um. The heist unites Trojan with geta­way dri­ver Diana, his for­mer mate Luca and the young Chris. Everything looks pro­mi­sing, but the shadowy cli­ent and his hench­man Victor have their own plans for the pain­ting. Soon it beco­mes less about the money and more about get­ting out alive.


DE 2024, 101 Min., dt. OmeU
Regie: Thomas Arslan
Kamera: Reinhold Vorschneider
Schnitt: Reinaldo Pinto Almeida
mit Mišel Matičević, Marie Leuenberger, Alexander Fehling, Tim Seyfi, Bilge Bingül, Marie-Lou Sellem, Katrin Röver, Anja Schneider, Tamer Yiğit

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