La Chimera

A film by Alice Rohrwacher. In Italian and English with German subtitles.

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Everyone has their own Chimera, some­thing they try to achie­ve but never mana­ge to find. For the band of tom­ba­ro­li, thie­ves of anci­ent gra­ve goods and archaeo­lo­gi­cal won­ders, the Chimera means redemp­ti­on from work and the dream of easy wealth. For Arthur, the Chimera looks like the woman he lost, Beniamina. To find her, Arthur chal­lenges the invi­si­ble, sear­ches ever­y­whe­re, goes insi­de the earth – in search of the door to the after­li­fe of which myths speak. In an adven­tur­ous jour­ney bet­ween the living and the dead, bet­ween forests and cities, bet­ween cele­bra­ti­ons and soli­tu­des, the intert­wi­ned desti­nies of the­se cha­rac­ters unfold, all in search of the Chimera.

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IT, FR, CH 2023, 134 Min., ital./engl. OmU
Regie: Alice Rohrwacher
Kamera: Hélène Louvart
Schnitt: Nelly Quettier
mit: Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Isabella Rossellini, Alba Rohrwacher 

LA CHIMERA (Official Trailer, OV/d)
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