Exile never ends

A film by Bahar Bektaş. In German and Turkish with German subtitles.

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The lon­ging for your home­land never goes away,” says the film­ma­ker Bahar Bektaş. Her brot­her is in pri­son in Germany. He is sup­po­sed to be depor­ted and is wai­ting for the ear­ly trans­fer to Turkey he has reques­ted. Because the­re seems to be no end to the wai­ting, Bahar turns her came­ra on her Alevi Kurdish fami­ly and exami­nes the con­se­quen­ces of being uproo­ted. Ina Borrmann


DE 2024, 100 Min., Deutsch, Türkisch mit deut­schen Untertiteln
Regie: Bahar Bektaş.
Kamera: Antonia Kilian und Meret Madörin
Schnitt: Arash Asadi

Exile never ends | offi­zi­el­ler deut­scher Trailer
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