A Film by Volker Sattel & Francesa Bertin. In itlai­an with German subtitles.

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The Tara is a river on the out­skirts of Taranto who­se waters are belie­ved to have heal­ing pro­per­ties; bathing the­re is a tra­di­ti­on for the inha­bi­tants of the city. Starting from this buco­lic place, Volker Sattel and Francesca Bertin take us on a jour­ney through a ter­ri­to­ry whe­re myths clash with rea­li­ty and whe­re so-cal­led “pro­gress” has taken a hea­vy toll on natu­re and society.


DE/IT 2022, 86 Min., ital. OmU,
Regie: Volker Sattel & Francesa Bertin
Kamera: Volker Sattel, Thilo Schmidt
Schnitt: Bettina Blickwede

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