A film by Caro­li­ne Hells­gard.

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Clai­re (13) is vaca­tio­ning with her sis­ter Zoe (15) and mother Sophie (40) at a resort hotel in sou­thern Spain. Sophie spends her days by the pool and shows a mini­mum of inte­rest in her daugh­ters. In the begin­ning Clai­re clings to her older sis­ter Zoe, who mer­ci­ful­ly lets her tag along. But when Zoe meets a boy her own age, Clai­re is left alo­ne. By the beach Clai­re befriends Amram, a young Sene­ga­le­se beach ven­dor. As their rela­ti­ons­hip deepens, Clai­re tri­es to help him, but unin­ten­tio­nal­ly ends up making his life even more com­pli­ca­ted.



Deutschland/Polen 2019, 92 Min.
Regie & Buch: Caro­li­ne Hells­gard
Kame­ra: Wojciech­Sta­ron
Schnitt: Ruth­Schöneg­ge
mit: Zita Gei­er, Gedi­on Odour Weke­sa, Sabi­ne Timo­teo, Nico­la­is Bor­ger, Flo­ra Li Thie­mann, Malik Blu­men­thal