Rhinland, Fontane

A film by Sallmann. On April 14th and 15th at the fsk. In german.

Bernhard Sallmann is working on a film pro­ject in seve­ral parts dedi­ca­ted to Theodor Fontane and his “Ramblings through Brandenburg”. “Rhinland. Fontane” is the second part and fol­lows “Oderland. Fontane”. The filmmaker’s inte­rest is his­to­ric on the one hand, which emer­ges in the pre­cise reci­tal of pas­sa­ges from Fontane’s book “Die Grafschaft Ruppin” (Ruppin County): peat cut­ters’ working con­di­ti­ons, Prussian mili­ta­rism, capi­ta­list spe­cu­la­tors, the author’s self-reflec­tions or the dra­stic expe­ri­ence of the Thirty Years’ War. On the other hand, Sallman’s con­cept of a strict regis­try of places and land­scapes in long, sta­tic shots with loca­ti­on sound is indeb­ted only to the pre­sent day: long distance roads cris­scross a mars­hy land­scape; secluded lakes open up in the beech forest.

D.2017, 67 Min., 
Regie, Buch & Kamera: Bernhard Sallmann
Schnitt: Christoph Krüger