Reise nach Jerusalem

A film by  Lucia Chiar­la.  In Ger­man with eng­lish subtitles.

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Rei­se nach Jeru­sa­lem” is a game based on luck: You have to be in the right place at the right time – or the­re won’t be any chair left for you.
Ali­ce has been unem­ploy­ed for too long and she doesn’t win this stu­pid game any­mo­re. Her friends got mar­ried, some had child­ren and built a care­er while she’s wri­ting job app­li­ca­ti­ons sit­ting on her shaky chair and with her bro­ken notebook.

The employ­ment office con­ti­nuous­ly invi­tes her to some job app­li­ca­ti­on coa­ching, whe­re she is for­ced to take per­sis­tent advices. Sin­ce some time alrea­dy Ali­ce has the fee­ling, that this has just the pur­po­se of making the unem­ploy­ment sta­tis­tics look nicer.

Even­tual­ly, she has no pati­ence any­mo­re and ends up refu­sing the arran­ge­ments of the jobcenter.
In spi­te of ever­ything, she still sur­vi­ves with petrol vou­chers she gets from jobs in mar­ket rese­arch insti­tu­tes – to exchan­ge them for money, cau­se she has no car, of cour­se. Her life beco­mes an absurd world of bar­ter tra­de. Fami­ly and friends have no idea of how deep in trou­ble Ali­ce is. Her per­sis­tent search for social accep­t­ance can­not save her from the incre­a­sing isolation.

Time runs on her Japa­ne­se for­tu­ne cat watch next to her lap­top: The rent remains unpaid, the bank is always cal­ling becau­se her account has a nega­ti­ve balan­ce and she has no way to pay the pho­ne bills. Ali­ce keeps on figh­t­ing dai­ly against elec­tro­nic sounds that obst­ruct her way. And the petrol vou­chers remain vou­chers. Even Sex has its pri­ce, as she has to rea­li­ze one night, as she tri­es to get rid of her isolation.

The­re­fo­re, she final­ly went to her neigh­bour Luca, who works as a strip­per. A very inten­se encoun­ter that will pull her out of her des­pair, just befo­re facing a radi­cal decisi­on: Should she keep play­ing the game along or just let go?



DE 2018, 118 Min., Deutsch.m.engl.UT
Regie: Lucia Chiar­la
Bild­ge­stal­tung: Ralf Noack 
Schnitt: Alet­ta von Vietinghoff 
mit: Eva Löbau, Benia­mi­no Bro­gi, Vero­ni­ka Nowag-Jones, Axel Werner


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