A film by Ira Sachs. In English and French with German subtitles.

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On the final day of his shoot in Paris, German film­ma­ker Tomas is visi­bly ten­se. He is all stern exacti­tu­de as he explains to his extras just pre­cis­e­ly how to posi­ti­on their hands or what their moti­va­ti­on is as they walk down a flight of stairs – right up until the final sla­te. At the wrap par­ty, Tomas falls first into the arms of his British hus­band Martin, but then he meets a young pri­ma­ry school tea­cher, Agathe. A dance deve­lo­ps into a flir­ta­ti­on and then into a pas­sio­na­te night tog­e­ther. The next mor­ning, Tomas proud­ly tells Martin that he has slept with a woman. As this one-night stand grows into some­thing more, the rela­ti­onship bet­ween the two men beg­ins to chan­ge. A tale of rela­ti­onships that is mark­ed by pas­si­on, jea­lou­sy and nar­cis­sism unfolds in which each shows scant sen­si­ti­vi­ty for the needs of the others.
Ira Sachs’ latest work, his sixth outing in Panorama, once again pro­ves his talent for careful­ly obser­ved rela­ti­onship dra­mas. There is a hint of French cine­ma and a tang of Fassbinder waf­ting around the three prot­ago­nists as their per­so­nal wounds con­stant­ly rede­fi­ne the power rela­ti­ons bet­ween them.


FR 2023, 91 Min., Englisch, Französisch OmU
Regie: Ira Sachs

Kamera: Josée Deshaies
Schnitt: Sophie Reine

mit Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw, Adèle Exarchopoulos

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