Nina Wu

A film by Midi Z. In Chinese (Mandarin) with German subtitles.

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After eight years toi­ling in bit-parts, aspi­ring actress Nina Wu final­ly gets her big break with a lea­ding role in a spy thril­ler set in the 1960s. The part is chal­len­ging, not least becau­se it calls for full nudi­ty and expli­cit sex sce­nes, and the film’s direc­tor is often hard on her. But both the indus­try and the press are con­fi­dent that the results are sen­sa­tio­nal­ly good. On the brink of tri­umph, though, Nina’s psy­cho­lo­gi­cal resol­ve beg­ins to crack. She rus­hes back to her fami­ly home to deal with two cri­ses: her father’s busi­ness has gone bank­rupt and her mother has suf­fe­r­ed a heart attack. She dreams of rekind­ling a clo­se rela­ti­onship with her child­hood fri­end Kiki but is haun­ted by para­no­id fan­ta­sies that a mys­te­rious woman is stal­king and attack­ing her. As Nina clings to memo­ries of hap­pier times, it seems that the­re is one cru­cial memo­ry that she is repressing…



Juo ren mi mi
Taiwan 2019, 103 Min., chin. (man­da­rin) OmU
Regie: Midi Z
Drehbuch: Wu Ke-xi
Kamera: Florian Zinke
mit: Wu Ke-xi, Vivian Sung, Kimi Hsia, Ming-Shuai Shih


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