Midnight Traveler

When the Taliban puts a boun­ty on Afghan direc­tor Hassan Fazili’s head, he is for­ced to flee the coun­try with his wife and two young daugh­ters. Capturing the family’s jour­ney first­hand, Fazili docu­ments their har­ro­wing trek across nume­rous bor­ders reve­aling the dan­ger and uncer­tain­ty facing refu­gees see­king asyl­um jux­ta­po­sed with the unbreaka­ble love shared amongst the fami­ly on the run.

There are many films about the cur­rent refu­gee cri­sis but I’ve not seen a docu­men­ta­ry qui­te as inti­ma­te as this one… Fazili and his wife are both filmma­kers, so they have filmma­kers’ eyes. They catch moments of true cine­ma­tic beau­ty, but the­se moments stand out as grace notes to an other­wi­se har­sh existence.”
Elijah Davidson, Docs/Ology

A valu­able, first-hand refu­gees’ sto­ry… Full of social and poli­ti­cal urgen­cy… A family’s joint tes­ti­mo­ny, heart­felt and heart­brea­king, par­ti­cu­lar yet haun­tin­g­ly representative.”
Caryn James, The Hollywood Reporter