A film by Bar­ba­ra Albert. In german.

Set in 1770s Vien­na, LICHT fol­lows an aspi­ring young harp­si­ch­or­dist who­se magi­cal play­ing has alrea­dy gai­ned noti­ce among high socie­ty. A fly in the oint­ment: the pro­di­gy is a woman, and blind. Maria The­re­sia von Para­dis plays by ear and instinct, with heigh­te­ned sen­ses, yet her atten­ti­ve mother and father want not­hing more than to res­to­re her sight, by wha­te­ver means pos­si­ble. Maria The­re­sia and her par­ents are soon at the door­step of a phy­si­ci­an who is just begin­ning to estab­lish a repu­ta­ti­on in vien­nese socie­ty: Dr. Mes­mer. LICHT revol­ves around this doc­tor-pati­ent rela­ti­ons­hip, allowing Albert to del­ve into a seri­es of the­mes: gen­der dyna­mics; sci­ence ver­sus art; age and youth. Mes­mer was per­cei­ved by the non-aco­lytes as a bit of a quack, but under his gent­le care, The­re­sia makes see­min­gly mira­cu­lous pro­gress. Mean­while socie­ty grows sus­pi­cious, her play­ing style is affec­ted, and Theresia’s once-sup­por­ti­ve fami­ly begins to doubt Mes­mer. (Toron­to Film Festival)

Österreich/D, 2017, 97 Min.

Regie: Bar­ba­ra Albert
Dreh­buch: Kath­rin Resetarits
based on the novel «Mes­me­ri­zed» by Alis­sa Walser
Kame­ra: Chris­ti­ne A. Maier
Schnitt: Niki Mossböck

Maria Dra­gus
Devid Strie­sow
Lukas Miko
Kat­ja Kolm