A film by Gesa Hollerbach. Starts July 1st at the fsk.

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Life in the coun­try has many facets and faces. Nature, peace, tra­di­ti­on. But rea­li­ty today is often dif­fe­rent, becau­se struc­tu­ral chan­ge is des­troy­ing Europe’s vil­la­ges. Schools are forced to clo­se, com­mu­ni­ties are under­fi­nan­ced, land spe­cu­la­ti­on makes the far­mers’ work har­der and gla­rin­gly illu­mi­na­ted cities make the stars har­der to see than a few years ago even in the hin­ter­land. Locked-up cine­mas, dila­pi­da­ted hou­ses, deser­ted train sta­ti­ons. Gesa Hollerbach’s unagi­ta­ted docu­men­ta­ry por­trays four peo­p­le and their lives. They come from very dif­fe­rent back­grounds: a mayo­ress, an astro­no­mer, a restau­ra­teur, and a fema­le far­mer acti­ve in the European Parliament. In Saxony, in the Allgäu, in Austria. Ultimately, though, they are united in a joint, relent­less strugg­le for their respec­ti­ve homes. The film wants to show that chan­ge can be ima­gi­ned and imple­men­ted, that resis­tance bears its first fruits and that the tire­less efforts of tho­se cou­ra­ge­ous guar­di­ans of the coun­try­si­de are not in vain. Today we see young fami­lies in the streets again and cou­ples who deli­bera­te­ly choo­se to move to the coun­try. The chan­ge has alre­a­dy begun.

Julia Weigl


DE 2019, 93 Min.,
Buch und Regie: Gesa Hollerbach,
Schnitt: Carina Mergens,
Kamera: Jennifer Günther

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