Green Border

A film by Agnieszka Holland. In Polish, Arabic, English and French with German subtitles.

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A Syrian fami­ly lea­ves the vio­lence of their coun­try behind. Their goal is to get from Belarus to Poland and final­ly to the safe haven of Sweden. But while tra­vel­ling through the Polish-Belarusian bor­der regi­on, they beco­me a poli­ti­cal play­thing instru­men­ta­li­sed both by the Polish govern­ment and press for their own pur­po­ses. Polish mas­ter direc­tor Agnieszka Holland deli­vers a haun­ting and moving dra­ma. Her com­plex poli­ti­cal por­tra­y­al focu­ses on the inter­play bet­ween offi­ci­als, acti­vists and civi­li­ans. An unspa­ring film that forces our socie­ty not to look away.


PL, FR, CZ, BE 2023, 147 Min., pol­nisch, ara­bisch, eng­lisch, fran­zö­si­sche OmU
Regie: Agnieszka Holland
Kamera: Tomek Naumiuk,
Schnitt: Pavel Hrdlička
mit: Jalal Altawil, Maja Ostaszewska, Behi Djanati Atai, Mohamad Al Rashi, Dalia Naous, Tomasz Włosok

Im Kino mit deut­schen Untertiteln.
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