Festival der Demokratie

A film byn Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva. 

At 7. and 8. July 2017 the lea­ders of the EU and the 19 most deve­lo­ped and emer­ging eco­no­mies of the world met in the city of Hamburg/Germany. The Senator of the Interior of Hamburg, Andy Grote announ­ced the mee­ting as a “Festival of Democracy”. Over 30.000 poli­ce offi­cers whe­re in the city to pro­tect it. Up to 100.000 peo­p­le came to Hamburg to pro­test against it.
Lars Kollros and Alexandra Zaitseva accom­pa­nied the week of pro­tests with their cameras.

D 2017 90 Min.
Regie: Lars Kollros, Alexandra Zaitseva
Kamera: Lars Kollros, AlexandraZaitseva, Alex Uhlig, Esther Lang

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