EXPERIMENTAL SHORTS 10. Kurdisches Filmfestival Berlin

As a new pro­gram-high­light, the 10th Kurdish Film Festival Berlin (8−14 October) shows expe­ri­men­tal short films from Kurdish count­ries of ori­gin and the dia­spo­ra. The sel­ec­tion offers spe­cial cine­ma­tic impres­si­ons bet­ween film and con­tem­po­ra­ry art. Critical, crea­ti­ve and com­plex reflec­tions from Kurdish perspectives.
Among them is PARADISE by the Hamburg artists* Leyla Yenirce and Mazlum Nergiz – the film ver­si­on of the art instal­la­ti­on of the same name, which deals with the emo­tio­nal lan­guage of the images around Kurdish mar­tyrs and free­dom figh­ters. The expe­ri­men­tal short film BARIKAT shows a per­for­mance by the artist Mirkan Deniz, inspi­red by the dai­ly fate of Kurds* living under cur­few in various regi­ons of Turkey.

The rest of the fes­ti­val pro­gram will be shown in the cine­mas Moviemento and Babylon Mitte, as well as for the most part online: https://kurdishfilmfestivalberlin.kinow.tv/de/


Oct. 10th 8pm:

The Day I Saved The Kurds von Şener Özmen
No! 1506600XXXX von Leyla Toprak (mit Q&A)
Paradise von Leyla Yenirce, Mazlum Nergiz (mit Q&A)
Barikat von Mirkan Deniz (mit Q&A)
Munzur von Rojda Tuğrul
Küpeli von Metin Akdemir- Çetin Baskın
Our bright future von Ezgi Kılınçarslan (mit Q&A)