The Banshees of Inisherin

A film by Martin McDonagh. In English with German subtitles

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As the Irish Civil War rages on, the island of Inisherin remains just out of reach. When the wind drops, bombs can be heard, but many of the inha­bi­tants are so dis­con­nec­ted from ever­y­thing that they are unsu­re whe­re their alle­gi­ances lie. Martin McDonagh’s film never lea­ves the island, but its swee­ping vis­tas and stun­nin­gly-shot coast­li­nes ensu­re that the film never feels claus­tro­pho­bic, its few inha­bi­tants spread out so spar­se­ly that each home is like a tes­tim­o­ny to loneli­ne­ss.
BANSHEES OF INISHERIN takes its name from a pie­ce of music Colm com­po­ses across the cour­se of the film. Unfortunately for his best fri­end Pádraic, Colm has deci­ded that he must stop spea­king to him in order to devo­te his final years to music. When Padraic refu­ses to accept this, Colm swears that any time Padraic speaks to him he will cut off one of his own fin­gers.
The film is black­ly comic, fre­quent­ly absurd and pro­ves to be McDonagh’s finest work, with a care­er-best turn from Farrell play­ing a lost soul con­fron­ting cripp­ling loneli­ne­ss and ina­de­quacy. The film’s alle­go­ry for the civil war is pre­sent but not over­play­ed, a haun­tingly lyri­cal tri­bu­te to humanity’s capa­ci­ty for self-des­truc­tion. (Leila Latif)


GB/IR/US 2022, 109 Min., engl. OmU
Regie: Martin McDonagh
Kamera: Ben Davis
Schnitt: Mikkel E.G. Nielsen
mit: Colin Farrell
Brendan Gleeson
Kerry Condon
Barry Keoghan

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