Plan 75

Plan 75

A film by Chie Hayakawa. In Japanese with German subtitles.

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In a near future, the Japanese govern­ment pro­gram “Plan 75″ will encou­ra­ge elder­ly peo­p­le to die vol­un­t­a­ri­ly in order to com­bat the aging of socie­ty. A seni­or citi­zen who can no lon­ger live inde­pendent­ly, a prag­ma­tic “Plan 75″ sales­man, and a young Filipino care­gi­ver face a life-or-death decis­i­on. Chie Hayakawa’s PLAN 75 is a won­derful sto­ry at times full of humor which uses Japan’s aging cri­sis as a tem­p­la­te for a dys­to­pian nar­ra­ti­ve. By fol­lo­wing Michiko, Maria and Hiromu along the way, direc­tor Hayakawa cele­bra­tes life and its all ever­y­day, small plea­su­res. The cen­ter­pie­ce of this tri­ptych is Michiko, embo­di­ed by the for­mi­da­ble Chieko Baisho, an inde­pen­dent seni­or citi­zen who turns to “Plan 75″ as her last option.


Hikari No Hana 光のはな
Japan, Frankreich, Philippinen, Katar 2022, 112 Minuten · Japanisch mit deut­schen Untertiteln
Regie: Chie Hayakawa 早川千絵
Kamera : Hideho Urata
Schnitt : Anne Klotz
mit: Chieko Baisho, Hayato Isomura, Taka Takao, Yumi Kawai, Stefanie Arianne, Hisako Okata

PLAN 75 | Chie Hayakawa | 2022 | Offizieller Trailer
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