A film by Carolin Schmitz. Starts September 29th at the fsk. In German with English subtitles.

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Bewildering, amu­sing, insight­ful: Anke Engelke acts out eight authen­tic inter­views, assemb­ling them into a gigan­tic mosaic about motherhood.

This film tells of the joy and doubt, the power and power­less­ness, the anger and love invol­ved in mother­hood. It is at its heart a docu­men­ta­ry pro­ject: eight women aged bet­ween 30 and 75 talk about their lives as mothers. What all the­se women have in com­mon is their rea­liz­a­ti­on that mother­hood is a high­ly ambi­va­lent expe­ri­ence. For the film, the­se docu­men­ta­ry state­ments are brought tog­e­ther visual­ly in the form of a fic­tio­n­al cha­rac­ter por­tray­ed by Anke Engelke. The actress com­bi­nes the women’s reports into a laco­nic nar­ra­ti­ve about the ever­y­day life of a mother.


DE 2022, 88 Min., deut­sche OmeU
Regie & Buch: Carolin Schmitz
Kamera: Reinhold Vorschneider
Schnitt: Stefan Oliveira-Pita, Annett Kiener
mit: Anke Engelke

MUTTER von Carolin Schmitz mit Anke Engelke // Trailer
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