Le Mali 70

A film by Markus CM Schmidt. In German, French, Bambara, English with German subtitles.

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In the 1970s, the­re was a vibrant big band music sce­ne in Mali that mixed Afro-Cuban jazz with tra­di­tio­nal music. The Berlin band Omniversal Earkestra redis­co­ver­ed the sound and set off on a jour­ney to meet the legends of the time and record an album with them that ends up being more of a cul­tu­re clash than expec­ted. An into­xi­ca­ting music film. Ysabel Fantounem Roadmovie durch Mali.

(DOK.fest München 2023, Ysabel Fantou)


DE 2022, 92 Min., German, French, Bambara, English OmU
Regie & Schnitt: Markus CM Schmidt
Kamera: Martin Langner

LE MALI 70 – Offizieller Trailer
im Kino mit deut­schen Untertiteln
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