Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit (OmenglU) – with guest

A film by Tho­mas Hei­se. In Ger­man with Eng­lish sub­tit­les.

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What remains? Lives lea­ve behind traces; so does the pas­sa­ge of time. Tho­mas Heise’s Hei­mat ist ein Raum aus Zeit exami­nes how the one rela­tes to the other. Using docu­ments from his per­so­nal archi­ve – let­ters, pho­to­graphs, school essays, dia­ry ent­ries – read by Hei­se him­s­elf in voice­over and shown on screen, he traces out the sto­ry of four genera­ti­ons of his fami­ly in Vien­na, Dres­den and (East) Ber­lin. We see black and white images of the pla­ces and land­s­capes men­tio­ned in the cor­re­spon­dence as they look today, which bear the marks of time: the labour camp in Zerbst, the for­mer Natio­nal People’s Army bar­racks, a uni­ver­si­ty audi­to­ri­um, ter­raced houses in Mainz. The­re are also cracks in the earth, mounds, open stra­ta and rail­way sta­ti­ons, trains and tracks again and again. First loves, fathers, mothers, sons and bro­thers, the depor­ta­ti­on of the Vien­nese Jews, war dead in Dres­den, art and lite­ra­tu­re, East Ger­man socia­lism and stay­ing respec­ta­ble – using frag­ments from the repo­sito­ry of per­so­nal expe­ri­ence, meti­cu­lous­ly cho­sen and pie­ced tog­e­ther with gaps, Hei­se tells not­hing less than the sto­ry of Ger­ma­ny in the 20th cen­tu­ry. A gre­at film, and one that will remain.



DE/AU 2019, 218 Min.,
Regie & Buch: Tho­mas Hei­se
Kame­ra: Ste­fan Neu­ber­ger, Peter Badel, Bör­res Weif­fen­bach
Schnitt: Chris Wright


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