Eine eiserne Kassette (OmU) – mit Gast

A film by Nils Olger. In Ger­man, Ita­li­an, Bul­ga­ri­an & Roma­ni­an with Ger­man sub­tit­les

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After the death of his grand­fa­ther, Nils Olger is given an iron box by his grand­mo­ther. It con­tains rolls of pho­to­gra­phic nega­ti­ves. „Now you have all our secrets,“ she tells him. The pic­tures give an impres­si­on of the events that the grand­fa­ther must have been invol­ved in as a mem­ber of SS. Olger fol­lows the trail of the nega­ti­ves and visits the ori­gi­nal loca­ti­ons in Aus­tria, Hun­ga­ry, Ita­ly. It is the attempt by a descen­dant to aug­ment the memo­ries of his grand­fa­ther with the ele­ments he never knew and with the help of the nega­ti­ves to crea­te a big­ger pic­tu­re.


AU/DE 2018, 102 Min., Deutsch, Ita­lie­nisch, Unga­risch, Rumä­nisch OmU
Regie: Nils Olger
Dreh­buch: Nils Olger
Kame­ra: Nils Olger, Juri Scha­den, Tho­mas Mar­schall
Schnitt: Nils Olger



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Eine eiser­ne Kas­set­te – offi­zi­el­ler Trai­ler from bit­ters­weet GmbH on Vimeo.