Die Toten Vögel sind oben

Die toten Vögel sind oben

A film by Sönje Storm. In German and Low German with English subtitles.

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In a nor­t­hern German attic: boxes of pin­ned but­ter­flies, careful­ly hand-colou­red pho­to­graphs of the local flo­ra and fau­na, hundreds of stuf­fed and dus­ty birds – Jürgen Friedrich Mahrt (1882–1940) did a gre­at job. His coll­ec­tions echo a pre­sent that doesn’t exist any­mo­re. And yet all signs of an eco­lo­gi­cal cri­sis can be found buried in them.
Dead or ali­ve? There is an uncan­ny ele­ment in Jürgen Friedrich Mahrt’s pho­tos: One can’t always be sure whe­ther the ani­mal cap­tu­red in the frame is the result of hours of wai­ting or just a spe­ci­men staged to look life­li­ke. The ripp­les around the duck on the pond are miss­ing, the bird of prey looks sus­pi­cious­ly calm direct­ly into the lens. Mahrt crossed bor­ders. He sacri­fi­ced his duties as a far­mer to the urge to docu­ment natu­ral envi­ron­ments we hard­ly find in natu­re today. Ancient forests, enchan­ted moors, macro views of fat, colourful cater­pil­lars – almost magi­cal images that make one sad in view of a varie­ty irre­trie­v­a­b­ly lost. His gre­at-grand­d­augh­ter Sönje Storm has the quiet eccentric’s estate ana­ly­sed by experts, shows peat cut­ters, extinct spe­ci­es and a chan­ging coun­try­si­de. An excee­din­gly sti­mu­la­ting excur­si­on, con­ge­ni­al­ly accom­pa­nied by the scur­ri­lous elec­tro­ni­ca sounds of Dominik Eulberg and Bertram Denzel.
(Carolin Weidner, DOK Leipzig 2022)


DE 2022, 85 Min., deutsch, platt­deut­sche OmeU
Regie: Sönje Storm
Kamera: Alexander Gheorghiu
Schnitt: Halina Daugird

DIE TOTEN VÖGEL SIND OBEN – Offizieller Trailer
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