Das Vorspiel (OmU) – with guest

A film by Ina Weis­se. In Ger­man and French with Eng­lish sub­tit­les.

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Anna Bron­sky works as a vio­lin tea­cher at a con­ser­vato­ry. Against her colleague’s will, she agrees to teach a new stu­dent in whom she sees gre­at talent. With full dedi­ca­ti­on, she pre­pa­res Alex­an­der for his mid­term exam –and, by doing so, not only neglec­ts her own son Jonas but also drifts apart from her hus­band, the French vio­lin maker Phil­ip­pe Bron­sky. Her col­league Chris­ti­an, with whom she has an affair, talks her into play­ing the vio­lin herself in a quin­tet. But when Anna loses it at a con­cert, her tea­ching of Alex­an­der gets more and more aggres­si­ve. Then, on the day of the mid­terms, a fatal inci­dent occurs…


DE 2019, 90 Min.
Regie: Ina Weis­se
Kame­ra: Judith Kauf­mann
Schnitt: Hans­jörg Weiß­brich
mit: Nina Hoss, Simon Abka­ri­an, Jens Albi­nus, Ilja Mon­ti, Sera­fin Mis­hiev, Sophie Rois


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