Black Box

A film by Aslı Özge. In German.

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During an emer­gen­cy, the resi­dents of an apart­ment buil­ding in Berlin drop all pre­ten­se of human decency.

Due to an unex­plai­ned inci­dent out­side an apart­ment buil­ding in Berlin, the poli­ce block the ent­ran­ces to the cour­ty­ard, and a ten­se situa­ti­on ensues. Uncertainty among the resi­dents fuels fears. Suspicion and panic spread; pre­ju­di­ce leads to pola­riza­ti­on. The cour­ty­ard is a micro­c­osm, with rela­ti­onships based on power and pro­fit. Perhaps the real dan­ger is not from out­side, but from within.


DE/BE 2023, 120 Min.,
Regie: Aslı Özge
Kamera: Emre Erkmen
Schnitt: Patricia Rommel
mit: Luise Heyer, Felix Kramer, Christian Berkel, Timur Magomedgadzhiev, Manal Issa, André Szymanski, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Jonathan Berlin, Anne Ratte-Polle

BLACK BOX (Offizieller Trailer) | Ab dem 10. August im Kino
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