Berlin Film Week – In the Bunker

Sorry, this ent­ry is only avail­ab­le in German.

Eine Vorführung der Berlin Film Week


In The Bunker is a film about our necessa­ry faith in Art, shot at and inspi­red by the Boros Collection in Berlin.
Housed in a gigan­tic over­ground WWII bun­ker built to repre­sent Nazi supre­ma­cy, the world-famous Boros Collection is now a pri­va­te space, avail­ab­le through gui­ded tours. To this end the Boros have gathe­red a team of art media­tors like no other, cul­led form the richest Berlin bri­ne. Each tour is uni­que, every visi­tor falls under a spell.
In The Bunker fol­lows five gui­des in par­ti­cu­lar, who are strip­ped bare through the very art­works that they usual­ly present.

DE 2022, 77 min., engl. OV
Director: Lou Andrea Savoir
Writer: Lou Andrea Savoir
Director of Photography: Fred Mortagne
Editor: Monica De Alwis

In The Bunker – Trailer