Die Spur

A film by Agnieszka Holland. In polish with ger­man subtitles.

Retired civil engi­neer Duszejko lives a secluded life in a moun­tain vil­la­ge clo­se to the bor­der bet­ween Poland and the Czech Republic. She is cha­ris­ma­tic and eccen­tric, a pas­sio­na­te astro­lo­ger and a strict vege­ta­ri­an. One day her bel­oved dogs dis­ap­pear. On a sno­wy winter’s night short­ly after­wards she dis­co­vers the dead body of her neigh­bour and, next to it, deer tracks. More men die in a simi­lar­ly mys­te­rious way. All of them were pil­lars of the vil­la­ge com­mu­ni­ty, and all were pas­sio­na­te hun­ters. Were the­se men kil­led by wild ani­mals? Or has someone been pro­vo­ked to pur­sue a bloo­dy ven­det­ta? At some point Duszejko hers­elf comes under suspicion …
After her foray into the realm of seria­li­sed dra­ma, Agnieszka Holland returns to the big screen with a sub­ver­si­ve thril­ler. Pokot is set in a land­scape of chan­ging sea­sons; howe­ver, the wild beau­ty of the coun­try­si­de can­not hide the cor­rupt natu­re, cruel­ty and stu­pi­di­ty of the peo­p­le who live the­re. Deeply roo­ted in the rea­li­ty of rural Poland, the film is as anar­chic as its heroi­ne, and bold­ly mixes gen­res – from humo­rous detec­ti­ve sto­ry to exci­ting eco-thril­ler to femi­nist fairy-tale.

Berlinale 2017: Silberner Bär Alfred-Bauer-Preis

Polen / Deutschland / Tschechische Republik / Schweden / Slowakische Republik 2017

pol­ni­sche OmU, 128 Min.

Regie: Agnieszka Holland
in Zusammenarbeit mit Kasia Adamik
Kamera: Jolanta Dylewska, Rafał Paradowski
Schnitt: Pavel Hrdlička

mit: Agnieszka Mandat (Duszejko)
Wiktor Zborowski (Matoga)
Miroslav Krobot (Boros)
Jakub Gierszał (Dyzio)
Patricia Volny (Dobra Nowina/Good News)
Borys Szyc (Wnętrzak)



SPOOR (Pokot) by Agnieszka Holland – Trailer
Kino mit deut­schen Untertiteln