Die Lebenden reparieren

A film by Katell Quil­lé­vé­ré. In french with ger­man subtitles.

Sur­fing usual­ly stands for life and free­dom. Some­ti­mes the oppo­si­te: In the light of dawn, three young sur­fers head for the oce­an. Sur­f’s up! Stor­my swells pro­mi­se power­ful brea­kers. A few hour­se later, one of them, Simon, is just an empty shell being kept ali­ve by machi­nes. At the same time, a woman waits for the organ donor that will save her life. In moving, sen­si­ti­ve images, cross­cut­ting adre­na­li­ne-laden sports pho­to­gra­phy with the lifeless body in the ICU, direc­tor Katell Quil­lé­vé­ré exami­nes the dif­fi­cult ques­ti­on of how the living should deal with the dead. Based on the novel by May­lis de Kerangal.


Répa­rer les vivants
F 2016, 103 Min., frz. OmU 
Regie: Katell Quillévéré
Buch: Katell Quil­lé­vé­ré, Gil­les Taurand
Kame­ra: Tom Harari
Schnitt: Tho­mas Marchand
mit: Tahar Rahim, Emma­nu­el­le Seig­ner, Anne Dor­val, Bouli Lan­ners, Domi­ni­que Blanc