Die Kordillere der Träume

A film by Patri­cio Guz­mán. In Spa­nish with Ger­man sub­tit­les.

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After Patri­cio Guz­mán had tra­vel­led to the Ata­ca­ma Desert in the north of Chi­le for «Nost­al­gia de la luz» and to the deepest south for «El botón de nácar» in Pata­go­nia, he deals in the last part of the tri­lo­gy on his home­land with the cen­tral chain of Andes and the memo­ry of the moving images. All his films are per­so­nal, but in some respects «La cor­dil­le­ra de los sue­ños» is the most inti­ma­te, lea­ding the artist back to the ruins of the house of his child­hood.


CL 2019, 85 Min., span. OmU
Regie: Patri­cio Guz­mán
Dreh­buch Patri­cio Guz­mán
Schnitt: Emma­nu­el­le Joly
Musik: Miran­da y Tobar
Kame­ra: Samu­el Lahu 


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