Die Kordillere der Träume

A film by Patricio Guzmán. In Spanish with German subtitles.

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After Patricio Guzmán had tra­vel­led to the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile for «Nostalgia de la luz» and to the deepest south for «El botón de nácar» in Patagonia, he deals in the last part of the tri­lo­gy on his home­land with the cen­tral chain of Andes and the memo­ry of the moving images. All his films are per­so­nal, but in some respects «La cor­dil­lera de los sue­ños» is the most inti­ma­te, lea­ding the artist back to the ruins of the house of his childhood.


CL 2019, 85 Min., span. OmU
Regie: Patricio Guzmán
Drehbuch Patricio Guzmán
Schnitt: Emmanuelle Joly
Musik: Miranda y Tobar
Kamera: Samuel Lahu 


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