Die Einzelteile der Liebe

A film by Miriam Bliese. In German with English subtitles.

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Sophie and Georg meet and fall in love just after the hea­vi­ly-pregnant Sophie has been aban­do­ned by her boy­fri­end. To the new­ly born Jakob, Georg natu­ral­ly beco­mes his father. The patch­work fami­ly faces all the usu­al chal­lenges that beset modern par­ents: who should be allo­wed to work and who should take care of the child? How much free­dom is per­mis­si­ble and how much self-sacri­fice requi­red? And whe­re is the room for pas­si­on? A few years later, Georg and Sophie have split up. Jakob is six years old and his par­ents are grim­ly batt­ling for cus­t­ody. Sophie’s new part­ner, of all peo­p­le, tri­es to media­te bet­ween them. Played out in a series of indi­vi­du­al sce­nes that all take place out­side the same front door in Berlin, the film is an ellip­ti­cal por­trait of a fami­ly for whom the term ‚patch­work‘ is sim­ply a part of their ever­y­day lives. The prot­ago­nists nego­tia­te their anxie­ties and desi­res in front of house walls, in-bet­ween pil­lars and in car parks. Here, home is not a safe har­bour, but a place of tran­sit expo­sed to the wind. A laco­nic look at the unre­asonable mun­da­ni­ty of love.


DE 2019, 97 Min.
Regie & Drehbuch: Miriam Bliese
Kamera: Markus Koob
Montage: Dietmar Kraus
mit: Birte Schöik, Ole Lagerpusch, Justus Fischer, Falk Rockstroh


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