Alles ist gut

A film by Eva Trobisch.  In German with English subtitles.

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If you don’t turn things into a pro­blem, you don’t have a pro­blem. This is Janne’s atti­tu­de about the fact that her new boss’s brot­her-in-law slept with her against her will. She con­ce­als the inci­dent and con­ti­nues her way of life as usu­al. But her silence has con­se­quen­ces, not only for the love that she feels for her fri­end Piet.


Deutschland  2018, 93 Min.
Regie: Eva Trobisch 

Kamera: Julian Krubasik 
Schnitt: Kai Minierski 
Aenne Schwarz , Andreas Döhler , Hans Löw , Tilo Nest , Lisa Hagmeister , Lina Wendel


  • noch kei­ne oder kei­ne mehr