Aheds Knie

a film by Nadav Lapid. Starts March 17th at the fsk. In Hebrew with German subtitles.

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Y., an Israeli film­ma­ker in his mid-for­ties, arri­ves in a remo­te vil­la­ge at the far end of the desert to pre­sent one of his films. There he meets Yahalom, an offi­cer for the Ministry of Culture, and finds hims­elf fight­ing two losing batt­les: one against the death of free­dom in his coun­try, the other against the death of his mother.


Israel/ Deutschland/ Frankreich 2021 ‚109 Min., hebr. OmU
Regie & Buch: Nadav Lapid
Kamera: Shaï Goldman
Schnitt: Nili Feller
mit: Avshalom Pollak, Nur Fibak, Yoram Honig, Lidor Ederi, Yonathan Kugler

Aheds Knie (offi­zi­el­ler OmdU Trailer)
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