fsk KinoThe fsk cine­ma is an inde­pen­dent Arthouse-Film-Theat­re in Ber­lin Kreuzberg …



→ News:

  • The cine­ma is clo­sed until Decem­ber Janu­a­ry Febua­ry, due to coro­na regulations.


→ pro­balb­ly again on the screen (well, we’ll see) in Febuary:

* week means Thurs­day to Wednesday.

Neu­es­ter Filmbeitrag:

The Two Sights
A film by Joshua Bon­net­ta. Soon at the fsk. [Credits] [Ter­mi­ne] [Trai­ler] The clo­sing tit­les say The Two Sights was “collec­ted” on various islands of the Outer Hebri­des from 2017–19, but…